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During my studies at Geisenheim university I had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people. It has been a great experience, very international and diverse. Some of this great people are still part of my life and getting to visit an old friend is always a great joy, especially if she makes delicious wines.

Christine and Philipp grew up with wines around them. In the very small village of Burg Layen, in the region of Nahe, just on the other side of the Rhine in front of Rüdesheim, they are taking over the family business step by step. 

Christine is fully dedicated to the viticulture and oenology aspects of the business, while Philipp is in charge of sales and the bureaucracy. They make the perfect team and it is a joy to see such young and talented people in action, just few years after finishing their studies.

It was just perfect! We kicked off the day with a stroll in the vineyards, where Christine took her time to explain us how and what she is doing in order to sustainably innovate what used to be a conventional farmed area. Organic practices with a biodynamic approach have to be taken step by step to maintain the balance of the nature. She is using cover crop to increase biodiversity and naturally fertilize the soil. Yield is kept controlled and the plants are followed constantly. It was warm and sunny, the smell of nature was incredible!

After walking for over an hour we moved to the cool of the cellar, where the magic happens. Tasting from the barrel is always a memorable experience. It is so romantic and true in the dark. We tasted some of the wines from the 2020 vintage and a couple of 2019. I think that the red line of PIRI wines is its tension and balance. They tent to be really approachable and easy to drink without being boring or edgy. 

They also have a second lable, called PIRI NATURAL. These are Chrsitne babies, really special wines, a bit eccentric and absolutely delicious. Some undergo longer maceration and more special treatment, like carbonic maceration and longer oak aging. She also makes 2 petnats, and we tried a delicious Dornfelder, very much like a Lambrusco, I would say!

It was a great experience and we brought back a few bottles of their entry lever Weissburgunder and Grauburgunder. Hopefully adding some more labels when ready.


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