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Once in a while you come across people who have such passion for what they do - that you start to see their vision and experience that same emotion and passion yourself.

This is something that is definitely true for Enoz. Enoz is a fourth generation winery run by Roberto and his daughters Alessandra and Ludovica.

It became what we know it as today, when Roberto needed to experience a change of direction and he found himself in new territories - Sessa Aurunca. A place characterized by its volcanic soils and view of the sea (being only 260m above it). He bought some land with abandoned vineyards and groves of olive trees and recovered them.

When it comes to his wine production, he cultivates his vines following the rules of biodynamics. Although the vineyard area is small - around 2 ha - he cultivates Primitivo, Fiano and a little bit of Falanghina. Not only is his way of cultivation an interesting one but so is the vinification! It is exclusively done in amphora, leaving the grapes with longer skin contact and allowing them to showcase their full expression from the volcanic soils and its minerality!

Their wines effortlessly bring forward the expression; but that is because of the effort, the dedication and the passion that goes into its production. It is a masterpiece and an art form - and we get to drink it! As Roberto himself says, you need to be a bit of an artist and it is clearly evident in his wines.

We recommend that whenever you get the chance, you try these wines for yourself and join the experience! They are available on our online store and you can have your pick of: orange wine made from Fiano, a Primitivo red or Primitivo Rosato.

So go ahead and see it for yourself! Enoz is a producer that has our attention and respect for their work so we share that with you as well.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead, salute!

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