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Hey there, you must be wondering what is ice wine and how it is produced.

Technically speaking, in these days we have the perfect condition for it, except that it is a bit too late. But let's start from the beginning.


What is it?

Ice wine, or Eiswein, is a wine that is produced at extremely cold temperature. Back in the days, when global warming was not a thing yet, many producers were leaving some grapes on the vines after the harvest. They where hoping in a quick drop of the temperature in late November, beginning of December, to - 7°C to harvest and process the frozen bunches. Best suited grape varieties are Riesling (Germany) and Vidal (Canada).


Well, what does it mean? 

Harvesting and pressing frozen grapes allows you to achieve an extremely high sugar content in your must, that translates in a luscious naturally sweet wine. This is possible because great part of the water is basically ice, leaving behind a pure and concentrated juice.


Guess what?

Ice wine is very unique, rare and therefore expensive. It is not produced every year and the total yield is extremely low. Germany and Canada are the largest producers and the prices can vary from 50 € to 500 € for half bottle. 


How does it taste like?

Well, as you can imagine is a wine that has lot of power and complexity. Its very high acidity helps keep the wine in balance. Normally very low in alcohol is a wine for a special occasion. It is definitely a wine worth ageing. Normally you find a lot of ripe tropical fruit aromas, lot of stone fruit and honey. 


And you? Have you tried it already?


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