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Spring is the most exciting season for anything related to agriculture. We finally see life again waking up from the winter dormancy bringing with itself energy and transformation.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a walk in the vineyards in this time all the year you can experience an immense number of small changes. Colors start go from brown to green, birds are fling by, insects are slowly repopulating the area and the vines are crying.

Yes, that's absolutely what happens. After the winter pruning, where the old is making space for the new, the vines are left with one single shoot. The roots are starting to work again and pushing nutrients up to the trunk and branches. The vine is alive and you can see this with your bare eyes, when looking closely drops are pouring form the winter pruning cuts. I find this really poetical to be honest!

The vines are setting themselves for the new season, restoring the natural balance and preparing for new life, new shoots, flowers and finally grapes. 

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Meanwhile in the winery some of the wine is getting ready to be bottled. After the cold winter months, winemakers can understand the development of their juices and decide what to do next. Some of the wine needs still a bit more time in the winery. This is the time when second fermentation starts, when malolactic fermentation occurs, when the wine which is alive is waking up again.

It is such a beautiful time of the year, so rich of tranformation and life!

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