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Hey hey! You guys know already my love for Lambrusco, this unique naturally sparkling red wine made in Emilia Romagna. As I added a couple of new wineries to the list, I thought may be a great time to dive a bit deeper in the appellation and history of this unique wine style.

The history of Lambrusco and the production of sparkling wines in the Modenese territories starts from far away and contains the fascination of the first testimonies of poets and writers of the classical age (Virgilio, Catone, Varrone) who in their works tell about a "Labrusca vitis", that is a wild vine that produced fruits with a sour taste and that used to grow at the edges of the field. 

lambrusco vineyard around modena wine

This unique style of wine is made as sparkling red and rosé, in the classic method known as "rifermentato". This means that the wine technically has just one fermentation. The fermentation is interrupted during the cold months of the winter and re-starts in the warmer months of spring directly in the bottle, making Lambrusco a naturally sparkling wine.

It has been traditionally produced unfiltered and with very low sulfites, but in the 70s it underwent industrialization and trade, making it cheap, often sweet and famous for headaches. Today a bunch of new and young projects are looking to the roots of Lambusco, re-descovering that unique and natural style of wine, that makes the perfect companion for fatty food.

It will surprise your guests during summer barbecues and hot evenings, where a red wine is too much in the way! 


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