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Hey guys, I was just few days ago in the Rheingau and I thought about writing a small article about this beautiful region.

It is located on the south facing slopes on the Rhein valley, in an area that accounts about 3000 ha of vineyards. The river, in fact, during the years has created this unique landscape. I really love to dig deeper the geology of it and the beautiful outcome.

The Rhine river flows south to north for hundreds of kilometres, but in this area it encounters the small but solid mountain range of Taunus. Here the rock is mainly slate, much more resistent and compact. What happens then? Well the river takes a turn an flows from east to west in a perfect straight line from Wiesbaden to Assmannshausen. This creates the perfect microclimate for viticulture in such a cold region.

steep slopes in rüdesheim

The south-facing slopes of the Rheingau benefits of a long sun exposure and the mitigation effect of the Rhine river makes it possible to grow vines at 50° latitude north. The Romans realized first the potential of this land and monks in the Medieval Era shaped the land in a way still visible today. They realized that this area was best suited for late ripening grape varieties such as Riesling and Pinot Noir, locally now as Spätburgunder, still making up today the majority of the planted area.

Wines from the Rheingau tent to be mineral, high in acidity but sill balanced when well made. In the past the greatest challenge was to reach full ripening of the fruit to compensate the high acidity. Today, thanks to climate change, this is not an issue anymore, and sometimes it is actually the opposite problem. The wines sometimes can loose that elegance and light touch they are famous for.

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