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Here again, talking about my favorite type of soil!

The recent events in the Etna Volcano made me think about writing a small article about this unique terroir and the incredible influence it has in the wines produced in this area.

I am Italian and our country is filled with volcanoes, from north to south. I grew up in the area called Castelli Romani, just few kilometres south of Rome. Here the geological evolution saw millions of years ago different active volcanoes. 

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As you can see, this all formation has volcanic origin. May be this the region why I am so fond of this style of wine.

There are many and famous volcanoes in Italy: Etna, Vesuvio and Stromboli. Also islands, like Pantelleria, that literally rose from the see due to volcanic activity. The largest and most active one is of course Etna, in the eastern tip of Sicily. Picture this: a vineyard planted in altitude on the hills of an active volcano and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful, isn't it? 

We have already explored a couple of volcanic wines in the store, from The delicious Primitivo and Fiano from Enoz, to the new exciting addition of two exciting wines from the Spanish island of Tenerife. I added a white and a red to tickle your taste buds. I find the minerality and crispiness of these wines extremely fascinating and absolutely worth to try. 

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