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Guess what we did! On the 25th of August we went onto Radio Frankfurt and got to speak about winePOND.

As a radio station that started out as a start-up, it seems natural for them to want to get in touch with other start-ups and give them the opportunity to speak. We got to share our ideas and business philosophy to a wider audience - on average they have about 20 000 listeners!

The atmosphere was also laid back and comfortable which made the conversation easy and natural, and that's also with thanks to the team at Radio Frankfurt; Felix, Roger and the host of the segment Alicia.

Of course we wouldn't be winePOND if we didn't bring some wine as well! So naturally we shared a bottle of our newest addition - Enoz Rosato. We are glad to say that everyone liked it and enjoying the wine with a view of the skyline was definitely an experience.

The topic of conversation surrounded our business ideas and why we see Frankfurt as a community that's full of potential for the natural wine scene and the gastronomy that pairs with it.

If you missed our segment and you want to check it out, then have a look at our elevator pitch and our interview.

Of course we should mention the special offer we have on a wine package appropriately named the Radio Frankfurt Special Collection available on our online store for you to enjoy.
We wish you a great week ahead with great wines!

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