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Carl Ehrhard Riesling Frau Ehrhard "natürlich" 2018

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Naturally, Riesling! (ORANGE)

This wine is extremely complex. This Riesling is one of a kind. Aromas of ripe red apple, roses, orange peel and almonds. It is absolutely elegant and subtle. A great wine. It is very dry and clean. The present acidity creates the base for the structure of the wine. In the mouth we find also some yeasty aromas alongside the citrus notes and minerality. Surprising!


Fun facts!

Carl is more than a friend! I had the pleasure to work alongside him for three years and it has been an incredible experience. His wines are traditional in the most pure way possible. All the jobs are carried out by hand in full respect of the nature. His wines shine for purity and typicity. An hidden gem not far away from here!

The Riesling grapes are harvested by hand from very old vines in two Crus. The wine stays in contact with the skins for 2 months before ageing for one and half year in used oak cask. Clearly the fermentation happens spontaneously and the wine is bottle without filtration or fining. Nothing is added nor removed during wine making, giving you the most true expression.


Grape variety: 100% Riesling

Alcohol content: 11,5 % vol

Allergies: contains sulphites

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