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A Bit About Myself

Ciao guys!

First of all thank you for being here.

This is me, Antonio, "young" Italian wine lover. I started on the back of the Ape Piaggio of my grandfather in Puglia. I tried to help him a little in the small vineyard he had, but to be honest I was mainly eating grapes! Sweet Moscato grapes from South of Italy are irresistible when ripe. 

Growing up I became closer to the wine world, and with 22 I started a sommelier experience in the UK. I have been extremely lucky to learn from the best people in the London wine-scene and taste the most amazing wines ever produced, wines that will take a normal wine enthusiast a lifetime to be enjoyed. It has been a very exciting journey. I was thirsty of knowledge and I moved on more studies and more practical experience, working in four different country from the vineyard to sales.

The more I went on, the more I realized how important is the preservation of the nature, sustainability and craftsmanship in making wine. I learned that the wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar. I discovered an incredible quantity of hidden gems in the wine world.

This is my mission: I want to share with you fantastic and unique wines made in respect of the nature.

Wines that are ready to drink and to be shared with your loved ones.

Wines that are easy to understand and easy to communicate.

Wines that are delicious!


Cheers to that!