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The Vision

winePOND believes in creating a much larger cake in this wine world starting locally and expanding globally.

There is a word that I find very important. 


Democratize means "make something accessible to anyone".

Democratize means "allowing the community to be part of the system and have voice".

My passion is wine and I believe this is my way, my challenge. I want to make wine accessible to anyone in time and place removing barriers that sometimes worry people new in this fantastic universe.

winePOND aims to make the wine subject easy to understand and enjoy, easy to get and share, always at a very honest price point, as the aim is to create the experience. 

I am starting in Frankfurt with my small cellar and my bike willing to bring to your table my taste and vision. I hope this excites you and together we can grow and make the wine cake larger and tastier!

Cheers to that



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