Cirelli Wines of Anarchy Trebbiano Spumante Bianco

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A PUNK-wine but with elegance! 

The wine opens up with notes of apples and pears. Its complexity is increased by the present yet subtle yeasty notes. The taste is absolutely surprising.  The perlage is extremely fine and the acidity beautifully integrated. We discover again the fruitiness we expected integrated with brioche aromas and a touch of nuttiness, making this wine complex yet elegant. The finish is salty and mineral. A wine to enjoy glass after glass. 


Fun facts!

“Bring a little bit of anarchy into the day”.

This Spumante is made like a Lambrusco or Prosecco (Charmat-method) from organically grown grapes. It is a wine to have fun with! 


As the winemaker Francesco Cirelli says: 

“When I make wine, I imagine I am an alchemist preparing a magic potion. An antidote to misery, a balm for healing old wounds, a drink that makes us forgive but not forget.” An existential declaration, a message of unconditional love.”


Brut Nature - Pas Dosé

Grape variety: 100% Trebbiano 

Alcohol content: 10.5% vol

Allergies: contains sulphites 

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