Loimer Pet Nat mit ACHTUNG 2019

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ACHTUNG, wine with a "warning"!

The nose is very aromatic and floral, from acacia to cherry blossom. To follow are aromas of herbs, dried apples and yeasty, brioche-like aromas.

The wine is dry and clean with a very round perlage and an excellent acidity balance. With its low alcohol content the wine is very slim and easy to enjoy, glass after glass. It can be paired with finger food and light dishes, or drunk on its own as first glass to open the evening.


Fun facts!

Spontaneously fermented with natural yeast; weeks, sometimes months on the skins; patiently matured, without intervention or additives. When Loimer wines appeared in 2006 – they were quite different. And this proved irritating to many. For decades, wines often had been smoothed over through excessive technology and robbed of their individuality. But to Fred Loimer, amused by the reactions, irony wasn’t lost on him. He gave his natural wines the label “mit Achtung!“ – which means, “with respect!“. So – no one could say that he hadn’t been warned…


Grape variety: 100% Muskateller

Alcohol content: 11% vol

Allergies: contains sulfits